Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Seek cover! Babies! Hi.

We awoke to a tornado warning this morning. What quickly followed was hail, then a newscaster who stated that a tornado was spotted in the downtown area (about 1-2 miles from our house!) Sofia and I got to the basement and hung out long enough for me to fold a batch of laundry. When we came back up the tornado warning was over for our area and had moved on to haunt more northeastern counties/cities of Tennessee. The news mentioned about 30 people had died in Tennessee from the tornadoes.

After a storm-crazy morning in Chattanooga, the world is quiet. All I hear is Sofia's new noise machine. We got one to replace Greta's- which we grew to love. Oh... and every once in awhile I hear Sofia talking to her dolls, her "babies". A few moments ago I heard her shout "BABIES!" Then, calmly, "Hi." All is quiet again. Except for that wonderful rushing air sound. Life is beautiful.

Our camera is on the fritz again, so I'm not able to post new pictures right now. Working on that.

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