Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Under the Weather

Ben has been in the hospital since Thursday morning admitted for Failure to Thrive. This was discovered during a routine checkup with the GI doctor. He had not gained weight since his appointment in January. Prior to January, he was below the growth curve, but was showing growth. Once admitted, pneumonia was also discovered. Reasons for the pneumonia may be acid reflux or aspirating the formula he's getting from his bottle. He is so congested that he cannot get a good latch on the nipple therefore not being able to get much milk down. I think the speech pathologist noted from the swallow study that he gets about 1 swallow of formula down per 12 sucks!

Last evening, Ben's feeding tube (which was inserted nasally down to his intestines) came out! This was probably as a result of all the drainage from his nose and suctioning of boogers.

Tomorrow morning Ben is scheduled for a bronchoscope and endoscopy. The pulmonologist and GI doctor will do these all under the same sedation session so that is good! We look forward to knowing more about what is causing his aspiration and other stuff that may be going on in there. They are both excellent physicians and we have a lot of respect for them. Dr. Jeanie, Ben's pediatrician has also been in daily to check on him and we adore her! The speech pathologist has taken a genuine interest in Ben since his recent swallow study when she noticed his aversion to the nipple, disorganized swallowing, and heavy aspiration. She is working with us to help him with his aversion to the nipple and his latching on. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people all working together to help Ben get better as soon as possible.

I do feel like it is one huge cycle of poor latching=aspiration=pneumonia=poor eating, etc., etc.