Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Columbus trip highlights

Here are more pictures from our recent trip to Columbus. We got to see Jason's cousin Jerry run in the state cross country meet, so that was really cool! Great job Jerry! We got to spend some time with our good friends and also some family, which was so nice. What follows are many photo ops with Sofia.

OU gang with Sofia

Ryan and Sofia

Michael and Sofia

Sofia got a massage from Amy

Cousin David and Sofia

Stacey and Sofia

Jenny and Sofia

Shannon and Sofia

Evan met us for breakfast at Panera

Susan is a good friend of mine from my Olentangy teaching days. She's a librarian at the school where I taught and we still keep in touch. She met us at the park near Kyle and Stacey's house so Sofia could get some swinging in!

Even Tatum Lowe got in on the pictures!

Cousin Andy and Sofia

Great Aunt Denise with Sofia at Buca di Beppo

Pieton Brothers and Pieton Cousins at Buca

Andrea and Alexis at Buca

Sofia and her Great Uncle John reading a story

State Cross Country Meet Pictures

Aunt Denise with 2/3 of her boys

And there's the 3rd son, Jerry. He was the 2nd freshman to cross the finish line. Way to go Jerry!

Jerry and his posse/cheering section

The girls cheered really hard

Our last night in Columbus at Shannon and Ryan's house. We celebrated my birthday with some great cake courtesy of Dan and Karla!

My parents came back to Chattanooga with us on the jet!

We were proud of them for getting on such a little plane. They did great!

Alexis and her parents come for a visit

The Pietons came down to visit us in Chattanooga for the first time. What a great time. Come back soon!

Cousins, Alexis and Sofia, had a blast playing together!

We went to the park near our house to play.

The adults got to play, too!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Enchanted Maize with the Webbs

Our church's moms' group organized a trip to the Enchanted Corn Maize at the end of October so we went! It was fun, though the maze was a little beat up since it was the last day for it. Chris, Stacey, and Cora went, too!

The Pietons

Chris, Stacey, and Cora

Stacey, Cora, Sofia, and Me

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Trick or Treat!

We went to Columbus to surprise some friends on Beggars' Night. Here we are at Jenny and Aaron's.

Sofia was a ladybug. Or, as Dominic would say it, a yadybug!

For a friend's Halloween party in Chattanooga, Sofia was an OU cheerleader. Here we are in the jumping thing they had rented for the party. It was crazy in there!

This year, I managed to make Madison's pirate costume! Hardy har har

Go Bucks!

We're getting ready for the big game today. Sofia's ready!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Insulation-blowing Saturday!

We spent most of last Saturday blowing insulation into our attic. I was outside unloading the bags into the machine whilst Jason was in the thick of it at the other end of the hose up in the attic. Sofia was napping! Here is a picture of what Jason looked like after we were all done.