Sunday, April 5, 2009

Home and Healthy

I'm happy to report that Benjamin is home from the hospital and doing well with his bottle feedings. His feeding tube had fallen out Wednesday (for the 2nd time) and his doctor allowed him to see if he would decide to eat more from a bottle before putting the tube back in. Well, Ben did well and continues to eat more and more everyday. He's still on a high calorie, hypo-allergenic formula (Neocate) which is $139 for 4 cans! He goes through a can every 2 days. That's been a crazy adjustment.

We're so happy that he is home and I think he is, too!

Ben at the hospital- so happy even though he wasn't feeling well.

Glad to be home


Angie's Spot said...

Yay Ben! So glad to hear that he's home and feeling better. :-)

BTW, I haven't forgotten about trying to get together and scrapbook. I'm thinking about trying to pull something together at a church just down from my house on a Friday night sometime. I'll keep you posted.

The Kennedy's said...

SO glad Ben is doing better!!