Friday, February 6, 2009

Yes we have our hands full!

Everyone makes comments to us when out in public with the bambini. I must say, however, that the comment, "You sure have your hands full!" is no longer amusing. Don't get me wrong, I love talking to new people (strangers), but this comment has simply been exhausted. The Eleanor of the 80s would respond, "NO DUH!" especially if the comment was made by a certain little sister or brother.

FUTURE GOAL: Have t-shirts made for us to wear that read "Yes, we have our hands full!"

A hands full/multi-tasker in action:


JANE said...

After having boy number 3 I always got the same "you have your hands full" followed by "3 boys, I'm sorry". Then after number 4, the only girl, I still got the hands full but then it was the "I feel sorry for her"! And I still get comments when we are out even though half of mine are now bigger or as big as me! Depending on my mood, I either laugh or just give a "Duh" look! You just can't win, LOL!!

Angie's Spot said...

I hear ya sista. Hopefully that comment will go away sooner than later. Although, some smart-ass is always going to feel compelled to state the obvious. Sigh.

Diana said...

I get that all the time and I only have one baby and one toddler! Emma can be more work than two kids somedays.

3 Davis Girls said...

I think I might have to steal that idea from you, Eleanor. I definitely need a "hands full" t-shirt