Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Sofia and I spent a wonderful 8 days in Italy with my dad and family.

Here we are in front of my dad's elementary school in his hometown, Corleto Monforte.

My Dad, Sofia, Me, and Zia Carmelina (my dad's older sister) looking at wares from the vendors in town that day.

One night before dinner we went to take a look at a newly renovated church in Corleto since my dad's cousin had the keys to it and it was right across from his home. Sofia was checking out the pews and kneelers.

Sofia and her nonno

Cousins, Gianni (Zia Carmelina's son) and Eleonora (Zia Ada's daughter; Antonella and Lorenza's mamma), pose with Sofia on Eleonora's back porch. What a view!

Discussion with my Prozia (great aunt)

Cousins, Antonella and Lorenza, LOVED playing with Sofia.

Antonella and Lorenza loved having their friends meet Sofia. All the little kids in town loved "la americana"!

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